Yarmouth Rowing Club welcomes adult rowers with experience. Youth interested in a competitive high school program are invited to contact Merrymeeting Community Rowing Association in Brunswick, ME or Waynflete School in Portland, ME.

Guest Rower Policy
Prospective members (with prior rowing experience) may join us as a guest for two complimentary rows prior to joining. All prospective members and guest rowers MUST have a US Rowing waiver on file or sign a YRC waiver prior to rowing. See “Waivers & Deadlines” details below. Contact our Membership Directors, Elizabeth Macalaster or Dan Sayner, a current member, or one of the Co-Presidents to arrange a guest row. If the site asks you for a club code, it’s S3ALR

Membership /Dues 

2023 SEASON:
Late May – November

Membership – Adult $500
Includes storage for 1 boat*; second boat is $125
Does not include coaching or race expenses.

2023 Adult Membership includes storage of a single or double on one of the YRC private boat racks, shared oar rack space, use of club slings and use of dock and water.

Shell storage is not protected from the elements. You must be a Club member to use the private boat racks. Please use your own cushioning materials and tie-downs. Please insure your boat privately as the Club insurance does not cover private boats. Trailer space may be available for travel to and from regattas depending on the number of racing crews.

Waivers & Deadlines

Follow this link to complete an online US Rowing Waiver. It must be submitted and some or all of your dues paid to Yarmouth Rowing Club BEFORE a member is allowed on the water. Remember to add Yarmouth Rowing Club in the “Club or Team name” section of the US Rowing site so we can track who has signed a waiver.

When on the US Rowing waiver site please click the box to “edit profile” and update any changed information or fill in blanks like e-mail and phone number. These are not required for membership, but are the club’s only all-in-one record for information, and once you join and sign the waiver, our administrator can’t change them. Please make sure they are up to date. 

If the site asks you for a club code, it’s S3ALR.  The site may require a fee of $9.75 just to sign the waiver if you don’t opt for the $65 “Championship” membership.  Championship membership gets you a subscription to Rowing magazine and a bumper sticker, and is only required for certain events like Masters Nationals.  It’s not required — or at least hasn’t been so far — for the usual circuit of fall races including the Head of the Charles.

They may also require you to take a quiz regarding rowing and safety rules, but you literally can’t fail — you just have to select from the multiple choice answers and see if you get them right.

The good news is that, if this works smoothly, members can avoid having to sign a paper waiver for our records each year as well as the on-line waiver for US Rowing. Guests, however, will still be asked to sign our paper waiver forms until further notice. YarmouthRowingClubWaiver-2

Paper waivers and pens for guest rowers/coaches can be found in the logbook pouch in the tan cabinet. Please leave the signed paper waiver in the pouch.

Dues Deadlines
We request that full-time membership payments be made in whole by May 15. Exceptions to the dues policy and refunds for injury or other reasons are at the discretion of the Co-Presidents.

Please mail your membership check to:
Yarmouth Rowing Club Treasurer
19 Dean’s Way
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110