The Scheduler & The Fleet


Club members in good standing may sign up to row using the YRC  scheduling website called “The Scheduler”

New members should contact Bob Checkoway for assistance in setting themselves up on The Scheduler the first time.

When signing up for The Scheduler, please choose an ID that others will recognize so other rowers will know who’s rowing where.

If sponsoring a guest rower, put your name in twice – once for you and once for your guest – and add “guest rower” in the “coach” box. Remember to click “update” to save your selections. Make sure your guest signs a waiver before rowing.

When signing up for a row, a member should first try to fill out existing boats based on his/her preference and ability. If no slots are available, a member may initiate a new row – choosing a day, time and boat – and self-selecting a description of the workout. The tabs include: Fitness, Competitive, Double, Single, Summary. Be sure to click on “update” to save your selections. Once a boat is full, the site will email all participants with a confirmation of the date and tome of the row.

Note: The Scheduler will not allow you to add or cancel a row if it is within a 24 hour window of the row time. 

Small Boats
Scullers are encouraged to add themselves to The Scheduler so other rowers can see when you are rowing and plan accordingly. We encourage small boats to row when others are out whenever possible both for safety and for assistance carrying boats up and down the ramp.


K2 – Men’s Heavyweight Competitive 4+ (A crew)
Conlan – Men’s Heavyweight Competitive 4+ (B crew)
Ultralite – Men’s Heavyweight Competitive/Fitness 4+(C crew)
Hudson – Men’s Heavyweight Fitness 4+ (stern coxed)

Herewego – Women’s Competitive Mid-Weight 4+
Artemis – Women’s Competitive Mid-Weight 4+
Sunshine State – Women’s Midweight Competitive/Fitness 4+

Grayling – Midweight 2x
Empacher – Midweight 2x

All singles and other doubles are privately owned. Some may be borrowed with permission.
Contact the owner directly to make arrangements to use a privately-owned boat.

Club oars are color-coded with tape and stored on a rack. See list on the gray cabinet at the dock.
Competitive oars are on the top rack (C2 blue blades)
Fitness oars are on the second and third racks (a variety of tape colors)
Club sculling oars can be found on the bottom 2 racks. Blue foam handles (2 sets) for the doubles and a variety of numbered sculls are spares.
Private oars may also be stored here or on the private boat rack beneath your shell.