Private Boats

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Members who have private singles and/or doubles can store (1) small boat on club racks, based on a space available basis. Rack space for additional boats are $125 for the season. You must be a member to use these racks. See our membership page for details.

Our club insurance does not cover private boats stored
at our facility so please make sure you have private boat insurance in place to protect your property.

Other members cannot use these boats without specific permission from the owner. There are approximately 12 spaces available and members with seniority will have priority.

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The small boat racks have some protective foam on them but private boat owners may want to replace these with their own, labeled set and should supply their own tie downs.

Club slings are available for all members to use for rigging and washing down post row or you may use your own slings.

Small boats should never be left on slings overnight at the yard due to the extremely limited space. Please lease a rack space or car top your shell.

Scullers are strongly encouraged to add their rows to The Scheduler so other rowers – sweep and scullers – are aware of them when planning their rows. Please let someone know of your plans whenever you go out sculling – and row with others whenever possible. Always sign out/back in the log book.

There are several sets of Club sculling oars and plenty of Club slings available for scullers. See The Scheduler & Fleet page for more details.

There is also rack space available for rent at the Yankee Boatyard on the Royal River.