The Yarmouth Rowing Club works with our friendly team rep at JLRacing to provide YRC branded racing gear for our members. Our JLRacing Team Store is open for just a week in the early spring and again in late summer for members to select YRC gear at discounted prices. There is a wide variety of YRC gear to choose from: short-sleeve and long-sleeve race shirts, tanks, unis, trou (spandex rowing shorts, rhymes with cow) and hats. A selection of sample gear is made available for a limited time to help members select the correct size/fit for their gear during the JLRacing Team Store shopping window. Contact the YRC Uniform Manager chris@yarmouth-rowing.org for details. Production time is 5-6 weeks plus shipping.

Spring 2017 JLRacing Team Store – open until Thursday at Midnight!!
Click on this link or copy and paste it into the address field of your browser:https://www.jlracing.com/page.YarmouthRowingClub.html

Open Wednesday, March 8
Close Thursday, March 16 (midnight)
Team gear delivered Wednesday, April 26
Jackets delivered Wednesday, May 3 (note – these are JL jackets, not the Boathouse jackets shown below)

Individual shipping to each person’s home costs $9 first item purchased + $2 each additional item.

Anything purchased on the Interim Store (add-on, stock JL items) incur no shipping charge.

Please note – the YRC gear can be ordered at any time via phone at 800-831-3305 but there will be no volume price break for these purchases. However – this is a great option for gifts!

The youth crew racing shirts are ordered by the Program Director for the team. Sizes and optional gear can be selected on the youth crew sign-up forms.

YRC Crew jackets are custom made for us at Boathouse Sports, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The Program Director will place a bulk order in early spring and again in late summer for both youth and masters who want a crew jacket. ($85) Watch the video below!

IMG_0251 IMG_0253