Safety Protocols


Although you are rarely far from shore when rowing with YRC, you do need to stay keenly aware of the rowing conditions. Due to the tides and winds, especially beyond the mouth of the Cousins River, the water conditions can change rapidly. Furthermore, there can be many motor boats – operating at high speeds – in the channel outside of the river. Thus, each boat must exercise good judgement when charting its row. Do not hesitate to speak up if you become uncomfortable. It should never be a question as to whether water is “rowable” but rather if the crew could reach safety if something was to go wrong. Use smart phone apps to check the weather and the tide before you row. If in doubt, always play it safe.

Recommended smart phone apps:
Concept2 apps

Repairs/Equipment Issues
Please communicate any repairs or equipment issues that are needed. Update the club Boatman immediately by email so he can address issues promptly.

Never launch a boat if you see lightening. According to USRA guidelines, rowers should wait 30 minutes after lightning has been sighted to launch. If lightening is sighted while on the water, return to the dock IMMEDIATELY and wait for conditions to clear or secure the equipment and get to a safe place.

Hi-Viz Clothing
If you are rowing in low light conditions such as early morning, late afternoon or fog, you should wear a high-visibility top so you can be seen by other crews and boaters.

Headlamps are recommended on dark mornings.

If rowing a small boat, wear the lamp on your head (with the bulb facing the bow) or strap it to your rigger.

In a bow-loader, the coxswain should wear the lamp on his/her head.

In a stern coxed boat, the bow seat should wear the lamp with the bulb facing the bow.

4g-bow-profile1-bigNavLight Sets
Navigation light sets are strongly recommended for both small and large boats. NavLights have a red/green bow light and a bright white stern light so other craft can see you and determine the direction you are headed.

The bow light fits into a standard bow clip and is secured with an adjustable cord.

The stern light can be mounted on a rigger, steering mechanism, worn on the arm or clipped to a hat.
There are 4 Bow lights and 4 Stern lights available to Club members on request. The bulbs can be turned on with a gentle twist. Be careful when turning the bulbs on not to unscrew them and lose the battery. The lights should last for 250 hours.

Cold Water 4-Oar Rule
In early spring, when the water temperature and air temperature combined are below 80, the 4-oar rule applies. You must row in a four (preferably with cox) or, if rowing small boats, take out a double or take two singles out together. No exceptions. The Co-Presidents will determine when it is safe to lift this rule.

Leave a Trail
Always let someone know when you are going out and when you plan to return. Text or call them if your plans change. Emergency contact info for Fire, Police, Coast Guard and Harbor Patrol can be found posted on the gray cabinet. Stay safe!