We operate from the Even Keel Marine Complex on the pristine Cousins River in Yarmouth, Maine, adjoining world-class multi-hull designers Greene Marine and our hosts, the Lowell Brothers, fifth-generation lobster boat designers and builders. The site is located at the end of Even Keel Road in Yarmouth, an unpaved road just north of Casco Bay Ford.

Our seasonal special-purpose ramp and float were built and are installed and removed annually by Custom Float. Shells are stored in open racks and the entire landside operation is removed and stored each winter at the Boat Barn established by the youth program on repurposed land supplied by the Town of Yarmouth at its transfer station. Shells are washed with rainwater collected from the roof of the Even Keel building, and supplied by gravity feed with supplemental on-demand pressure from storage of up to 800 gallons.

From 295, take exit 17 and head North on Route 1 toward Freeport. JUST past The Ford Dealership, turn right onto Even Keel Road (a dirt road). Please drive slowly (1o mph) to keep the dust down. Bear left at the fork and go all the way to the end of the road. We share the yard with 2 working boatyards so watch for staff vehicles, delivery trucks, dogs, etc.

Parking is limited so please only park in the designated areas (river side, between the multi-hull boats and our boat racks.) You may also choose to park at the nearby Yarmouth Visitor Center Park & Ride area and carpool over.

While there is a porta potty and a tank of rain water and a hose for the boats, there is no potable water on site. Please bring your own water bottle.

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